Removal, Inspection, and Reassembly of Driven Clutch

The removal of the driven clutch will require the removal of the belt cover. Also use extreme caution as this clutch is under spring tension.

  1. Remove o-ring, and then remove the nut that holds the driven clutch in place. Now the clutch will come off as an assembly.

  2. Compress the clutch assembly together just enough to take the pressure off of the nut. You may find it easier to use two C clamps or a vise to compress the items together. Remove the nut and slowly loosen the C clamps.

    NOTE: Use caution when disassembling the clutch assembly the spring is under tension.
  3. Inspect the clutch sheaves for wear, also check the spring to make sure it is not damaged or bent.

Reassemble the driven clutch in the reverse order of disassembly.

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