Driver Clutch for ATV 50/90

Removal, Inspection, and Reassembly

The removal of the clutch driver will require the removal of the belt cover/kick-starter assembly. To get the cover off easily remove the screws that hold the front fender around the belt cover.

  1. Disconnect the spark plug wire for safety
  2. Remove the belt by grabbing and pinching the driven clutch movable sheave and the outside housing together, you can now roll the belt off of the driver unit. Inspect the belt for any wear or cracking.
  3. Using a strap wrench or a piece of rope down the cylinder, remove the nut holding the clutch in place.
  4.  Remove the beveled washer, kick starter gear, and the star spacer.
  5. Remove the fixed sheave. Inspect for wear.
  6. Remove the spacer
  7. Lift off the movable sheave and rollers as an assembly. Once off separate the roller plate from the sheave; inspect rollers for wear as well as the areas that the rollers ride in.

    NOTE: Make sure to account for all six rollers.

  8. Remove the starter gear and holder assembly. Inspect the gear for any wear. See section 3 for more details.
  9. Lift and slightly twist the clutch hub; once off inspect the three rollers and springs for wear or foreign material.

    NOTE: Make sure to account for the springs and rollers.

  10. Remove the large gear and the thrust washer. Inspect the gear for wear or broken teeth; also make sure to inspect the needle bearings for wear.

Reassembly: Follow the disassembly procedure in the reverse order.

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