Belt Removal, Inspection, and Replacement

To remove the belt you must first remove the belt cover. With the cover off, squeeze the outer sheave to the outside part of the clutch. Hold them together and at the same time roll the belt off of the driver clutch.

Inspect the belt for any signs of wear, cracking, or stretching. If any of these signs appear the belt will have to be replaced. While the belt is off inspect the pulleys for any signs of wear as well.

To install the belt, wrap the belt around the driven clutch while squeezing the sheave, then roll the belt onto the driver clutch. Once belt is installed, move the belt around so that it is not pinched in the pulleys; the belt should be able to move around the pulleys with little effort.

If you need to replace the belt on your Adly, Kasea, or Dazon ATV, Go-Kart, or Scooter watch this video.

We have the belt you need at: for Adly, Her Chee, or Blazer for Kasea, Barossa, Jehm, Blast, or any SMC products for Dazon Buggies

2 thoughts on “Belt Removal, Inspection, and Replacement

  1. 1- 150 Dazon Raider Classic,2002. please show diagram for reverse cable/gears/main driveline/spraket installation procedure.

  2. belt seems very tight does not move freely plate stays open with new belt supplier says its the correct size ?cant get belt back off so tight is this normal

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