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Hyosung Sense scooter parts

Hyosung Sence Scooter PartsWe recently purchased the remaining inventory of a former Distributor.

Included in the purchase was a large quality of Hyosung scooter parts. All of these parts are new and still in the original factory packaging. Since we don’t normally stock these parts and need room the for the next shipment of ATV parts which will be arriving soon, we can offer you these parts at a terrific savings.

If you need parts for your Sense Scooter please contact us for price and availability.

22 thoughts on “Hyosung Sense scooter parts

  1. Looking for oil reservoir
    Part # 44610HF1601
    And switch assembly oil level
    Part # 37880HP1601

    This is for a 2008 hyosung sense SD50

    1. Hello.

      My customer dropped off an old 2003 hyosung sense scooter, V.I.N.: KM4CA13A921304944 The unit is in very poor condition and I have a $200.00 Cap…LOL. I see your post was back in 2011. Do you still have parts available? If so I’m looking for the following:

      (A) 2 Stroke Carburetor OEM #13091HF1601, Changed over to: #13091HF1601HAS
      (B) Stator Assemble OEM #32101HF3500
      (C) ignition Coil OEM #33410H11210
      (D) Rectifer OEM #32800-36C20

      Please e-mail me your prices and parts availability, if any?, If you still have any whole/complete 49CC scooters? send me info on Brand/Model/Year and prices.

      Thank you for your time.


  2. need a kickstart shaft that sticks through the crankcase cover and snap-ring that goes in the groove for a 2000 sense 2 stroke burgandy colored scooter

  3. Hey Guys:
    Need a carburetor for a Hyosug Sense Scooter (SD50, two-stoke). The carb. needs to have electronic choke. Is there anyway I could have a picture of the idle screw/mixture screw side? Thanks.

  4. @Charles Corso
    I have the complete front fork assembly in stock. I can sell you the complete assembly for less than you would pay for just the fork tubes.
    Jerry 770-490-7162

  5. i am trying to find out the specifications of this drive belt because no one seems to recognize the original factory model. it is for a Hyosung Sense, i think it is either a 1999 or 2000 year model. thank you!


  6. I need front and rear brakes for a 2003 sense 49cc scooter. I also need front handle bar cover in the color yellow if you have it. I need the price and if you don`t have parts where can I go to get them. Thanks ,Chuck!!

  7. any body want 2 by a whole hyosung 50 sence scooter needs a ring coile and belt has new bearings juge and heade gasket and ex hit me up at dustin_gammons00Ayahoo.com

  8. Hi, I need the left(rear) brake lever, and a pair of mirrors for a ~2004 Sense 50. Also, do you have any of the plastic bodywork available?

  9. I am looking for a front wheel for a hyosung sense 50. i also need a oil tank sensor (leaking) any help would be appreciated

  10. Aloha,
    I have a 2000 Sense, which has same parts as the 2005 and later. I need a part labeled REC./REG. made by Hankuk Magneto. Probably a regulator, has 4 terminals, sits between the engine and the battery. May also need a magneto, air cleaner, bulbs or other ignition-related parts. Do you have a pricelist?

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