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Helpful Information to ID Your Used Youth ATV

I just purchased a used ATV for my kids. I was told it was an Adly or Kasea 50cc and it had a 2 stroke engine but since there is no paper work how can I tell?

  1. To tell if you have a 2 or 4 stroke model ATV first look under the seat to see if you have a small oil tank if so then it is a 2 stroke ATV. If there is no separate oil tank then you have a 4 stroke ATV.
  2. Next to determine if you have a 50cc engine or a 90cc engine check the front and rear tire size. If the tires are 18” inch or larger it will be a 90cc model and if the tires are below 18” inches you have a 50cc model.
  3. Now look the ATV over for any name or initials such as SMC, Adly or Herchee, Blazer, LRX, Blast, Ram, SK9, SK5, Trail Blazer, and JEHM, which were all manufactured by either SMC or Adly.

Don’t forget to check the Ignition key, warning decals, or the fenders, as well as looking on the engine.

Another easy way to determine the manufacture of your ATV is to look at the brakes:

  1. The Adly-Herchee models have a Left hand and Right hand brake.
  2. The SMC Kasea models have a Right Hand foot operated brake as well as the Left hand and Right hand brakes.
  3. The mini 50 model ATV made by SMC is the only model in their product line with a single Left hand brake, this model also has a 1 piece plastic body.

Once you determine who made your ATV you will know which parts to purchase.

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