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Dazon Parts – On-line

dazonpartsIf You own a Dazon Kart (Raider Mini 90, Raider Classic 150 or Raider Max 250) you can easily find the OEM replacement parts you need and order them directly from our website. If you own a Go-Kart other than Dazon, not to fear. Many Dazon parts also fit other karts manufactured in China

A&J Parts has thousands of OEM Dazon parts in stock and ready to ship.

7 thoughts on “Dazon Parts – On-line

  1. I have a Raider 150 and I’m getting no spark from the plug. There is no voltage in the spark plug wire and I cannot diagnose the problem. I’m thinking its the secondary coil, but I don’t want to start replacing parts until I know what the problem is. If you can help, please email me at yenkonova427@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  2. I am looking for a dazon 250cc double seater drive belt. I was also wondering if there was anything i could do to help my buggies performance that isnt to expensive. Thanks.

  3. dear sirs.
    i am looking for e throttle cable for a dazon 250 two seater kart
    if possible let me know asap
    dai dtead

  4. dear sirs, hope you can help me in finding a wiring diagram or owners manual for a raider 150r email or
    call 757-676-5588 thank you elton

  5. Dear sir, i am looking for a wiring diagram for a radar 150 Dazon if you can help me please call 715 466 4757 Thank you tom

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