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Back From the AIM Expo

mg_2899So why is it so important to attend trade Expos such as the AIM Expo? Why are companies always looking for new products or new suppliers?

Ask Robert E. Lee. Do you think a new weapon, the Gatling Gun, introduced during the war might have made a difference at Gettysburg ? Or what about the slide rule manufacture who expanded his production the same year the pocket calculator was introduced?

So, really,

Trade shows and Expos are a great source of information for anyone who wants to keep updated on whats happening in their industry.

Now about the AIM Expo. The good. Location, location, location. With over 200 different Restaurants within walking distance and dozens of hotels nearby, the Orlando Convention center was a excellent choice for the AIM expo. The bad. A lot of the Big players took a wait and see approach. This was also true of most of the Asian importers and suppliers.

mg_2898The Ugly. Chicago in December. Really – a dealer expo in December? And Chicago as the host city? Really? So, was this the best or greatest expo we have ever attended? No. Is there room for improvement? Yes. Are we being too hard on a totally new show being held for the first time?

Maybe. So what is our Final opinion of the AIM expo? We believe that within a few years the AIM Expo will replace the Dealer Expo as the must attend yearly show for the Power-sports Industry.

So everything being said, we will see you in Orlando in 2014.

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