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A&J Parts is your one stop shop for 2 & 4 stroke Taiwan ATV and Scooters Parts

We stock parts manufactured by Adly/Her Chee Moto, SMC, Barossa & Dazon to fit the the following: Adly, Barossa, Blazer, Dazon, Herchee, Kasea, Jehm, LRX, Hammerhead, Trail Blazer, early Arctic Cat and Bombardier youth models.

Our inventory consists of our direct purchases from the manufactures in the past 14 years as well as the contents of over 7 different former Power Sports Distributors.

We also sell Aftermarket Parts for  Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha.  Need an LED Light kit, New Wheels, Tires, Battery, Brake Pads, Drive Axles, Tools or other parts to repair or up-grade your Vehicle.  

A&J USA has everything to get you back to the street or the dirt.

8 thoughts on “A&J Parts is your one stop shop for 2 & 4 stroke Taiwan ATV and Scooters Parts

  1. Do you have plastics that will for a 2005 bombardier ds50 / 90 ? Or know of any aftermarket ones that fit with minor modifications ?

  2. I have a LRX LZ50-5t scooter. In need of some parts to get it going. Not sure where to find the serial number for main frame. The casing arm has a 1E41QMB then a *02043232* I am in need of keys for it, battery, possibly a carb. Is this something you can help me with?

  3. I recently got a green small atv. SMC is on some of the body parts but I can’t find anything online about it. I know it’s a 2 stoke anywhere from 50cc to 100cc. RFRSM50311M000429 Is on the frame. Is there anyway y’all can please help me identify it?

    1. The machine is made by SMC but may have been sold under sever different name.
      Kasea- Blast- LRX just to name a few. If you need parts are information fill free to give us a call
      Jerry 770-490-7162

  4. Howdy
    I just talked with Jerry and I have a SMC BLU9 made 10/03 and need the small key on the left handle bar that pushed a small button and has a tether to wrap around the wrist as a kill switch. I was given the part number 62935SK900. But your search engine does not find that part number. Can you help me and I will pay for it if you have one, thanks.

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