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System 3 XT300 Extreme Terrain tires

Aggressive dual-stage lugs and wide profile carcass excels in loose terrain.
Deep shoulder steps and wrap-around side lugs maximize side bite.
8-ply rated advanced radial carcass delivers a comfortable ride. 
High-mileage compound and deep rim guard for max wheel protection.

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  • Full/Mid Size X Racks
  • OHGR (over head gun racks)
  • In Cab on Seats AR Holders
  • Magnetic Holsters

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In an effort to better serve our many International Customers , A&J USA recently added DHL as a shipping option to is websites.

We are pleased to report that almost 70 % of our customers were able to take advantage of the lower pricing offered by this shipping option. Not only were our customers able to save funds by using the deeply discounted DHL shipping, delivery time to customers was drastically improved.

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Jerry Moore

First 3D-printed electric motorcycle wears Vee Rubber Rear tire

“When you hear the words ‘3D-printed electric motorcycle,’ what do you think of? Two wheels held together by a weird, curvy, alien-exoskeleton-looking thing? Congratulations, you win…well, not one of these motorcycles since they cost $56,560 apiece”.

3D printing has allowed for a motorcycle far lighter than normal.

Source: First 3D-printed electric motorcycle looks exactly how it sounds – Curbed